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Are you a playwright? Come develop your work! Submissions for Thought Process are open now!

Announcing General Auditions for our 2024 Season:

Second Thought Theatre is seeking Equity and Non-Equity actors for roles in our 2024 Season!

Local actors are encouraged to submit. Performers of all gender identities and ethnicities are encouraged to submit.

Second Thought Theatre embraces non-traditional casting and encourages the casting of ethnic minority actors, female actors, and physically challenged actors where possible.

Second Thought Theatre is an Equal Opportunity Employer (EOE). Qualified applicants are considered for employment without regard to age, race, color, religion, sex, national origin, sexual orientation, disability, or veteran status. If you need assistance or an accommodation during the application process because of a disability, it is available upon request. The company is pleased to provide such assistance, and no applicant will be penalized as a result of such a request.

Second Thought Theatre operates under an SPT-1 Contract with Actor’s Equity.

PLEASE NOTE: All potential cast members will have ample opportunity to review the script and address any questions/concerns with the director and STT staff before accepting any roles and beginning rehearsals.

Audition Location:
Bryant Hall on the Kalita Humphrey’s Campus
3400 Blackburn St.
Dallas, TX 75219


Please enter the door at the top of the stairs. An audition monitor will be there to check you in and bring you in to the audition room when ready.

Audition Dates:
Sunday, January 14th:
-11AM - 1PM
-1PM - 2PM (Lunch Break - there will be no auditions during this time)
-2PM - 7PM

Monday, January 15th:
-10AM - 1PM
-1PM - 2PM (Lunch Break - there will be no auditions during this time)
-2PM - 6PM


Shows and Dates of our 2024 Season:

Directed by Jay Duffer


"When four alumnus of a conservative college reunite under the stars, they find themselves confronting theology, politics, and personal responsibility. Texas native Will Arbery masterfully crafts this haunting play all about the vicious fight to be known and understood."


1st Rehearsal: 2/26/24
10/12 Tech: 3/23/24
1st Preview: 3/27/24
Open: 3/29/24
Close: 4/13/24

Roles Available: 
JUSTIN: (m, 38) A stoic outdoorsman who works at the college.
EMILY: (f, 25) An empathetic daughter of professors at the college who lives with chronic pain.
KEVIN: (m, 28) An adrift alcoholic fascinated by the outside world.
TERESA: (f, 29) A passionate disciple of Steve Bannon who lives in New York and writes for a right-wing publication.
GINA: (f, 64) A professor at the college and its incoming president, as well as Emily’s mother.

There are two Equity contracts available for this show.

The current SPT-1 rate is: $308

Non-Union performers will receive a stipend of $1200


Callbacks for Heroes of the Fourth Turning will be held on Monday, January 22nd starting at 5PM.

WINK by Jen Silverman
Directed by Jenna Burnett


"Sofie is an unhappy housewife. Gregor is her bread-winning husband. Dr. Franz is their psychiatrist. Wink is the cat. And Gregor has just skinned the cat. Violent desires, domestic terrorism, and feline vengeance at any cost make WINK a dark comedy about the thin, thin line between savagery and civilization."


1st Rehearsal: 5/27/24
10/12 Tech: 6/22/24
1st Preview: 6/26/24
Open: 6/28/24
Close: 7/13/24

Roles Available:
SOFIE: (Female) Dissatisfied in her marriage. Her cat has gone missing.
GREGOR: (Male) Her husband. He skinned the cat.
WINK: (Male) The cat. Lithe, dangerous, sensuous.
DR. FRANS: (Male) A psychologist. Doctor to both Sofie and Gregor. A deeply lonely man.
While DR. FRANS, GREGOR, and WINK are male characters and SOFIE is a female character, these roles are open to genderqueer, transgender, and gender non-conforming actors.

Note: The role of WINK has been pre-cast.

There is one Equity contract available for this show.

The current SPT-1 rate is: $308

Non-Union performers will receive a stipend of $1200


Callbacks for Wink will be held on Monday, February 5th starting at 5PM.


hang by debbie tucker green
Directed by Sasha Maya Ada


"His life. In her hands.

A shattering play about one woman's unspeakable decision."

1st Rehearsal: 9/16/24
10/12 Tech: 10/12/24
1st Preview: 10/16/24
Open: 10/18/24
Close: 11/2/24

Roles Available: 
ONE: Female
TWO: Male or Female
THREE: Female

Note: Character ONE and TWO are of any race. These roles are open to actors of any gender identity, including genderqueer, transgender, and gender non-conforming actors.  Character THREE is Black, she has a slight, nervous tremble in her hand(s) only.

There are two Equity contracts available for this show.

The current SPT-1 rate is: $308

Non-Union performers will receive a stipend of $1200


Callbacks for hang will be held on Tuesday, February 13th starting at 5PM.



Please prepare a monologue in the style of the show(s) or character(s) you are interested in auditioning for.

To reserve a time slot, please email to reserve an audition time by Friday, January 12th at 6pmCST.

Email should include your name, equity status, headshot, resumé and please provide at least a one hour window of availability on the date or dates you are available.

Email Subject Line: "Actor Name” - STT 2024 General Auditions
Ex.: Glenn Close - STT 2024 General Auditions


Video Submission Option:

If unable to attend the auditions in person, please email a video submission of a monologue(s) in the style of the show/role(s) you are interested in auditioning for. Video should consist of a slate, the show(s)/role(s) you are interested in. Please include a headshot and resume via email submission to 

The deadline to for video submissions is Saturday, January 13th by end of day.


Email Subject Line should be: Video Submission - Actor Name - Equity Status

Ex.: Video Submission - Glenn Close - AEA

Personnel in attendance:
Carson McCain, Artistic Director
Parker Gray, Executive Director
Jay Duffer, Director of Heroes of the Fourth Turning
Alejandro Saucedo, Assistant Director of Heroes of the Fourth Turning
Jenna Burnett, Director of Wink
Sasha Maya Ada, Marketing Director, Director of hang

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