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Season Subscriptions at Second THoughT Theatre

Our $60 Season Subscription includes THREE tickets, redeemable as one seat for each 2024 production OR multiple seats at any one show. Whatever works for you!

Heroes of the Fourth Turning

by Will Arbery

A Regional Premiere

Directed by Jay Duffer

Assistant Directed by Alejandro Saucedo 

Running: March 27th - April 13th 2024

Previews: March 27th and 28th

Opening Night: March 29th

Pay What You Can Mondays: April 1st and April 8th

It's nearing midnight in Wyoming, where four young conservatives have gathered at a backyard after-party. They've returned home to toast their mentor Gina, newly inducted as president of a tiny Catholic college. But as their reunion spirals into spiritual chaos and clashing generational politics, it becomes less a celebration than a vicious fight to be understood. On a chilly night in the middle of America, Will Arbery's haunting play offers grace and disarming clarity, speaking to the heart of a country at war with itself.


by Jen Silverman

A Regional Premiere

Directed by Jenna Burnett

Starring Garret Storms as Wink the Cat

Running: June 26th - July 13th 2024

Previews: June 26th and 27th

Opening Night: June 28th

Pay What You Can Mondays: July 1st and July 8th

Sofie is an unhappy housewife. Gregor is her bread-winning husband. Dr. Franz is their psychiatrist. Wink is the cat. And Gregor has just skinned the cat. Violent desires, domestic terrorism, and feline vengeance at any cost make WINK a dark comedy about the thin, thin line between savagery and civilization.


by debbie tucker green

An American Premiere

Directed by Sasha Maya Ada

Running: October 16th - November 2nd 2024

Previews: October 16th and 17th

Opening Night: October 18th

Pay What You Can Mondays: October 21st and October 28th

His life. In her hands.

A shattering play about one woman's unspeakable decision.

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